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manbextapp下载:RING finger ubiquitin E3 ligase gene TaSDIR1-4A contributes?to determination of grain size in common wheat

  Jingyi Wang, Ruitong Wang, Xinguo Mao, Jialing Zhang, Yanna Liu, Qi Xie, Xiaoyuan Yang, Xiaoping Chang, Chaonan Li, Xueyong Zhang, and Ruilian Jing 

  Journal of Experimental Botany, 2020, IF: 12.084



  Salt and drought-induced RING finger1 (SDIR1) is a RING-type E3 ubiquitin ligase that plays a key role in ABA-mediated responses to salinity and drought stress via the ubiquitination pathway in some plant species. However, its function in wheat (Triticum aestivum) is unknown. Here, we isolated a SDIR1 member in wheat, TaSDIR1-4A, and characterized its E3 ubiquitin ligase activity. DNA polymorphism assays showed the presence of two nucleo-tide variation sites in the promoter region of TaSDIR1-4A, leading to the detection of the haplotypes Hap-4A-1 and Hap-4A-2 in wheat populations. Association analysis showed that TaSDIR1-4A haplotypes were associated with 1000-grain weight (TGW) across a variety of different environments, including well-watered and heat-stress condi-tions. Genotypes with Hap-4A-2 had higher TGW than those with Hap-4A-1. Phenotypes in both gene-silenced wheat and transgenic Arabidopsis showed that TaSDIR1-4A was a negative regulator of grain size. Gene expression assays indicated that TaSDIR1-4A was most highly expressed in flag leaves, and expression was higher in Hap-4A-1 acces-sions than in Hap-4A-2 accessions. The difference might be attributable to the fact that TaERF3 (ethylene response factor) can act as a transcriptional repressor of TaSDIR1-4A in Hap-4A-2 but not in Hap-4A-1. Examination of modern wheat varieties shows that the favorable haplotype has been positively selected in breeding programs in China. The functional marker for TaSDIR1-4A developed in this study should be helpful for future wheat breeding.